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Statement re Russia and Belarus

Fellow racers

It is with a heavy heart that we find ourselves in a situation where iMBRA must discuss the topic of war.

No words can ever be enough to express how saddened we are to hear of the conflict that is currently taking place in Ukraine. Our thoughts are very much with all of our friends and fellow boaters who are caught up in this unimaginable situation.

We never imagined that iMBRA would be in a position of having to discuss politics yet with much regret and sadness here we are.

We would like to make it clear that iMBRA does not condone war or violence in any way shape or form and to this end the membership of Russia and Belarus has been suspended until the current conflict is over.

iMBRA has been in direct contact with some of our Russian and Belarusian racers and it is with a heavy heart that iMBRA has no option but to exclude individuals who do not condone the war and who are absolutely devastated and heart broken by what their governments are subjecting the citizens of Ukraine to.

In addition to the above we ask that any individual (from any country) who supports the invasion of Ukraine do not attend any iMBRA races. This includes the iMBRA league races and the upcoming World Championship. Any individual who supports war, violence and/or aggression is not welcome within the iMBRA family.

We advise all race organisers to refuse entry to any individual who is seen to be inciting violence or in favour of the current conflict. Race organisers must obtain proof of the above and must not abuse our advice as a means of refusing entry to individuals you may not personally like. We will give our full support to race organisers who have obtained proof.

Any individual who attends an iMBRA race (iMBRA league and/or World Championship) and is found to be inciting violence or to be in favour of the current conflict whilst at the event will be told to leave immediately. Where a member of the iMBRA committee is not present we ask the race organisers to police this as they see fit. Again we trust that no members of iMBRA will use this as a means of removing individuals they do not personally like.

We hope that this helps to make iMBRA's position clear and once again our thoughts are with our fellow friends and boaters who are suffering as a result of this unimaginable situation.

Our deepest sympathy to those involved.

The iMBRA Committee


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