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Junior Fast Electrics

Fast Electrics

At the meeting held during the 2018 World Championship in Egletons a proposal was put forward by iMBRA's former junior representative Giuliano Ott.  Giuliano felt more needed to be done to try and encourage new juniors.  His idea was to run an electric class for the younger juniors; as a fun class to get them involved and hopefully give them the racing bug!!


After lots of discussion and some much appreciated help from Valentinas Pumputis and Artūrs Teteris, iMBRA have purchased some electric boats that will be making an appearance at the European Championship in Poland.  iMBRA decided to focus on two types of boats.  The Mini Mono Scord and the Mini Eco Valador from Tenshock.


This class is very much in the early stages and the finer details will be ironed out at the EC.  However, iMBRA hopes that if the electric boats prove to be popular with the juniors then our member countries may look at ways of including this within their own events. 


In a bid to keep iMBRA's membership fee to a minimum iMBRA holds limited funds and therefore have only been able to purchase 8 electric boats.  Ideally, iMBRA do not want the boats to sit on a shelf doing nothing between the EC in Poland and the 2020 WC in Italy, so, if any countries who are attending the EC are interested in looking after and using the electric boats until next years WC please get in touch.  All boats will come fully equipped with transmitter, batteries etc.


If any countries are interested in looking after some of the electric boats please email


For anybody attending the EC with juniors who would like to get involved, keep an eye out for Artūrs Teteris from Latvia.  Artūrs is iMBRA's current junior representative and he will be looking for willing volunteers to get involved and have some fun!

Here's a gallery from Konopiska 2019


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Kind regards

The iMBRA Commitee

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