About Us

In August 2014 the first FSR World Championships was held in Dessau (Germany), where a total of 21 countries attended with a total of 481 boats in the endurance, hydro and offshore classes. Following this great event the elected committee decided to changed the name of the organisation to the International Model Power Boat Association, or as we all know it as iMBRA, to give us all a fresh start with a new way of doing things. We will always be open, honest, and will look to provide all our members as much information as we can at all times.

Since 2014 we have introduced the iMBRA Endurance League that gives its winners the opportunity to automatically qualify for World Championships, are planning a Hydro and Offshore League, and have confirmed European and World Championships for 2016 (WC), 2017 (EC), 2018 (WC), 2019 (EC), and 2020 (WC).

Your current iMBRA committee was elected at the 2018 World Championship in France and is as follows: 


President: Ian Folkson (UK)

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer and Secretary: Lauren Morrison (UK)

Committee Member: Jan Wegeberg Smidt (Norway)

Committee Member: Vladislav Krasovsky (Belarus)

Committee Member: Christian Hof (Germany)

Committee Member: Andrea Cavalli (Italy)


Non voting members:

Junior Representative: Arturs Teteris (Latvia)

Webmaster: Andy Coburn (UK)

2022 Election and Job Roles

If you want to support iMBRA but are not sure how, feel free to speak to any of the committee members or drop us an email using the details below.