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iMBRA General Meeting Invitation

Dear national representatives,

The iMBRA General Meeting will take place on 7 August (Wednesday, at 7pm) at the iMBRA Endurance World Championship in Nagykanizsa. For those countries that won’t be present, but willing to take part in the meeting, we will also provide a possibility to join in, discuss topics and vote online.

The most important topic of the General Meeting is the iMBRA Committee elections. As always, the current Committee’s mandate is running out after 2 years, so anyone willing to take part in the Committee’s work can nominate themselves for one of the following positions:-

  • President (1)

  • Vice-President (1)

  • Committee member (5)

  • Junior representative (1)

Each of these positions will be decided by voting by the member countries (with simple majority).

From the current Committee we have 2 members stepping down (not willing to continue), so we definitely need to fill their places:- Artürs Teteris (junior representative)- Sunniva Lovdal Sunde (committee member)

In the name of the iMBRA family we would like to thank both of them for their valuable contribution during the last years.

Regarding other topics:

According to the iMBRA General Rules: "amendments, additions, and proposals for improvements must be submitted to the President of iMBRA via the countries’ representative at least one month before the World Championship" (in this case until 7th July).

We are looking forward to getting your proposals by email and then meeting all of you in Nagykanizsa!

Best regards,

Ian and Andras

on behalf of the iMBRA Committee


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