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Nitro Calibration

Fellow racers,

iMBRA has received the first 20 pieces of the iMBRA Float - fuel testing kit and we're ready to start distribution. To keep it fair, first we give the chance to all member countries to order 1 kit each (shipped in March). There will be more available in April.

The kit includes:

- float (with O-ring to set calibration level)

- measuring jug (plastic canister)

- control oil (to calibrate the float)

- box (for shipment)

Price: 40 EUR + postal costs

Please order by email sent to

When ordering please also send us your contact (and invoicing) details and your shipment address. We will get back to you with an invoice. Payments will be made directly to iMBRA's account, same procedure as for the yearly membership fee. The kits will be sent out by Ian.

IMPORTANT: In case your country will need more than 1 kit, please also tell us the exact quantity (we will treat it as a pre-order). By April we will be able to supply more kits, but please understand that first we want to make sure each interested country can have at least 1, as soon as possible.

Individual orders are not possible at the moment, we need member countries to send their orders (and pre-orders) together for the whole country.

Ljubljana, Budapest, 05 March 2024

Ian and Andras

on behalf of the iMBRA Committee


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