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IMBRA World Championship 2022 - A true success!

All the teams
Opening ceremony

The 2 weeks in Poland provided a long-awaited comeback after the Covid break, including great racing, a newly elected IMBRA committee and announcements for the next World Championships.

FSR Polska and the town of Konopiska did a splendid job to organize a great World Championships. As always with big events, the key for success was the attention to details. The Konopiska event had it all: a dedicated, professional and always friendly organizing team, YouTube live stream, many onsite displays for results, lap counting with new automatic features (e.g. blue flag indication), free water provided at the preparation area, onsite lunch option, bar, breakfast shop for campers, comfortable shower and toilet facilities and a generally great venue. iMBRA thanks again to the organizers and the venue for this great job!

Continuing the list of acknowledgements, iMBRA would like to thanks outgoing committee members Lauren Morrison, Jan Wegeberg Smidt and Vladislav Krasovsky for their work. Lauren also received a nice package of farewell gifts from the president and the members countries.

The iMBRA general meeting on 7 August elected 4 new members for the iMBRA committee, now consisting of:

President: Ian Folkson (Slovenia)

Vice President: Andras Berta (Hungary)

Committee Member: Sunniva Løwdal Sunde (Norway)

Committee Member: Adrian Tworuszka (Poland)

Committee Member: Andrea Cavalli (Italy)

Committee Member: Christian Hof (Germany)

Committee Member: Valentinas Pumputis (Lithuania)

Junior Representative: Arturs Teteris (Latvia)