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Offshore Rule Amendments

Fellow racers

Clarification of the following Offshore rules has been added to the rules on the website:

10.3. General rules during a race

3) The competitor should complete a minimum of 1 milling lap. If the boat is not in the water during milling time the judge will deduct 1 lap. This is not a penalty, just a lap deducted.

10.4. Driving Rules

2) Re circling of buoys is not permitted. For each missed buoy, one lap will be deducted. For example if a competitor misses 3 buoys on one side of the course they will receive minus 3 laps. This applies to the preparation time, milling time and during race time.

NOTE: A missed buoy does not constitute a penalty. A lap will be deducted but this is not classed as a penalty.

Kind regards

The iMBRA Committee


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