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iMBRA Hydro/Offshore World Championships postponed to 2025

Due to economic and infrastructural reasons, Navimodel Italy and Racing Club Margonara decided to officially withdraw their bid to organize the 2023 iMBRA Hydro and Offshore World Championships. The iMBRA Committee sadly, but respectfully accepted their decision, also evaluating the possibility to find a replacement venue. After consulting with potential organizers, we decided to provide more time, so instead of chasing a last-minute solution, we agreed to focus on 2025 for the next H/O World Championships.

Since the 2022 Konopiska event set very high organizational standards, the Committee feels that we need to provide enough time for preparation, also considering the fact, that the 2023 date (only 1 year after the previous event) might be too early for the next World Championships. Meanwhile we would also like to encourage countries with potential venues to put themselves forward for the 2025 event. As always, the iMBRA Committee is ready to provide know-how and lots of practical help for all potential organizers. May the best bid win!

Meanwhile preparations are in full swing for the 2024 Endurance World Championship in Hungary. Within the country there are currently 2 potential venues interested to hold the event. The Hungarian Association of Modelers, in cooperation with the iMBRA Committee is planning to make a final decision based on tenders handed in by the 2 potential organizers early next year.

Ljubljana, Budapest, 15 October 2022

Ian Folkson and Andras Berta on behalf of the iMBRA Committee

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imbra announcement 15_10_2022
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