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iMBRA Endurance League Final Results

Fellow Racers

The 2018 iMBRA Endurance League has now come to an end. We saw some excellent racing this year and congratulations to all of the league winners.

The following winners will receive a wild card entry to the 2020 World Championship in Gonzaga, Italy. If they do not need/want the wild card, the wild card will be given as an extra place to the country the winner is from. (See iMBRA League rules on the Rules and Judges page)

Eastern League

3.5cc - Andras Berta - Hungary (50 points)

7.5cc - Andras Berta - Hungary (52 points)

15cc - Filip Tin Pažin - Serbia (52 points)

27cc - Plamen Zdarvkov - Bulgaria (37 points)

35cc - Petr Vaněrka - Czech Republic (24 points)

Western League

3.5cc - Zack Humphries - Great Britain (60 points)

7.5cc - Markus Schwab - Germany (50 points)

15cc - Mauro Braghieri - Italy (47 points)

27cc - Erich Costa - France (60 points)

35cc - Adam Cienciala - Germany (24 points)

Please can all of the winners send the following information to

- Photo of you and your boat

- Name of the hull

- Engine

- Transmitter

- Fuel

If you would like a certificate please also include your address.

We hope you have a productive winter testing and we look forward to racing with you all next year.

Please click here to view the final league tables

Kind regards

The iMBRA Committee

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