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Fellow racers

The latest iMBRA league results are now available to view on the iMBRA League Page.

There are still two iMBRA League Endurance races remaining; Hannover, Germany, October 5th - 7th and Kuty, Slovakia, October 12th - 14th, so there is still time for the leaders to change. However, the Hydro & Offshore League for 2018 is now complete and therefore we have our wildcard winners:

H - 3.5cc

Roger Sandåker - Norway

Sven Kolstad - Norway

H - 7.5cc

Samuel Caillet - France

H - 15cc

Samuel Caillet - France

H - 27cc

Erich Costa - France

Ivano Della Noce - Italy

O - 3.5cc

Thierry Corbe - France

O - 7.5cc

Helge Haugen - Norway

O - 15cc

Jarle Larsen - Norway

Gilbert Galli - France

O - 27cc

Helge Simonsen - Norway

Robert Guyot - France

Ivano Della Noce - Italy

O - 35cc

Jan Sofus Saxegaard - Norway

Some classes ended with more than one competitor on equal points. In this instance each competitor will receive a wildcard entry for the 2020 World Championship to be held in Gonzaga, Italy.

Good luck to everybody competing at the remaining league races for this year.

Kind regards

The iMBRA Committee

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