2018 iMBRA World Championship H & O Results

Huge congratulations go to all the Hydro and Offshore class winners and podium placed racers at the 2nd iMBRA World Championship in Égletons, France:

Junior 3.5 Offshore – 1st Sander Lovdal Larson, 2nd Oscar Venheim, 3rd Luke Burgess

Senior 3.5 Offshore – 1st Kjell Gunnar Noddeland, 2nd Ian Folkson, 3rd Carsten Helmund

Junior 3.5 Hydro – 1st Lorenzo Della Noce, 2nd Rodion Garkush, 3rd Daniel Uskov

Senior 3.5 Hydro – 1st Martin Fields, 2nd Keith Burgess, 3rd Dominique Marzolf

Junior 7.5 Offshore – 1st Cecilia Sparr, 2nd Oscar Venheim, 3rd Even Venheim

Senior 7.5 Offshore – 1st Anders Minde Dorum, 2nd Nadin Preuss, 3rd Samuel Caillet

Senior 7.5 Hydro – 1st Erich Costa, 2nd Kjell Gunnar Noddeland, 3rd William Shakelford

Senior 15 Offshore – 1st Roger Sandaker, 2nd Stefan Waligora, 3rd Franco Yip

Senior 15 Hydro – 1st Mathias Hof, 2nd Roger Sandaker, 3rd Kjell Gunnar Noddeland

Senior 27 Offshore – 1st Erich Costa, 2nd Stefan Engel, 3rd Stefan Waligora

Senior 27 Hydro – 1st Ivano Della Noce, 2nd Erich Costa, 3rd Doug Twait

Senior 35 Offshore – 1st Ivan Stagnani, 2nd Ole-Bjorn Tjugen, 3rd Helge Haugen

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