Hydro, Offshore and Endurance iMBRA League 2018 Dates

Fellow Racers,

Great News, we have the dates for the 2018 iMBRA Leagues an hopefully we'll see you all at a race soon.

Western Endurance League 2018:

Gonzaga, Italy - April 6/7/8th

Stuttgart, Germany - April 21/22nd


Haarlem, Holland - May 19/20/21st


Hannover, Germany - Oct 5/6/7th


Eastern Endurance League 2018:

Velenje, Slovenia - June 1/2/3rd

Duchcov, Czech Republic - June 29th - July 1st

Csongrad. Hungary - September 14/15/16th

Kuty, Slovakia - October 12/13/14th

H&O League 2018:

Aurdal Fjord camping, Norway - May 27-28th (To be confirmed)

Belleville, France (near Lyon) - June 30th - July 1st with Training Friday 29th June

The IMBRA Committee

Gonzaga, Itay - September 14/15/16th

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