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2017 Endurance League Winners

After another great years iMBRA League, we are pleased to announce that the final results are in. Full details can be found on the 2017 League Page, however the following racers have finished at the top of the tables.

Eastern European League Winners 2017

3.5cc - Andras Berta - HU

7.5cc - Andras Berta - HU

15cc - Roland Razc - AT

27cc - Plamen Zdravkov - BG

35cc - Petr Lamač - CZ

Western European League Winners 2017

3.5cc - Zack Humphries - GB

7.5cc - Mauro Braghieri - I

15cc - Erich Costa - FR

27cc - Erich Costa - FR

35cc - Rainer Reidel - D

We will of course need your address and boat details, as well as a photo of you with your winning boat, so please make sure that you get these sent in to us.

The iMBRA Committee wants to thank every single person that helped to organise and run the international events (no small task), and of course all the racers that enjoyed them.

Next year is going to be very busy with the 2018 World Championships, but we look forward to seeing all the winners and wild card places in Egletons, France.

The iMBRA Committee

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