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Hof's dominate this years hydro & offshore league

iMBRA League

It looks like the Hof's are the family to beat with a dominant performance in 5 out of 9 classes in this years Hydro & Offshore League. To see which classes they won, below are the names of this years iMBRA Hydro and Offshore League winners. The full results can bee seen here- final league table.

Hydro League Winners

3.5cc- Christian Hof (D)

7.5cc- Samuel Caillet (F)

15cc- Joachim Hof (D)

27cc- Christian Hof (D)

Offshore League Winners

3.5cc- Mathias Hof (D)

7.5cc- Jan Noller (Junior) (D) wildcard goes to Lutz Rainer-Scholl (D) as highest placed senior

15cc- Stefan Waligora (D) and Samuel Caillet (F) both get a wildcard as tied on points

27cc- Joachim Hof (D)

35cc- Stefan Engel(D)

Can you please make sure that you send us your home address so that we can send you the certificates. Once you have these we would love to sent us a picture of you with your boat, radio, and certificate. You will also need to give us the details of your boat and radio.

Congratulations and we'll see you all next year in Egletons at the World Championships.

The iMBRA Committee

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