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2018 & 2020 World Championships

As you will all know, we are in the fantastic position of having agreed future World Championships up to 2020, which does seem like a long way in the future. The teams behind both events are very busy with their preparations, so we have created pages on the site for Egletons, France in 2018, and Gonzaga, Italy in 2020.

We will be using these pages to share up to date news and information from the organising teams, so keep coming back to see how things are coming along.

If you are attending and want to volunteer some time to help make the event even better you, will be able to get in contact with us here at iMBRA. However; the easiest way to make a difference will be to read up on the rules so that you can become a judge. For more information follow the links to the judging pages.

We look forward to seeing you in France and Italy,

The iMBRA Committee

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