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Csongrad iMBRA League Invite and Accommodation Information

The Radio, Model and Technical Sports Club of Csongrad kindly invites you to the CSONGRAD CUP 2017, which is a part of the iMBRA Endurance Euro League 2017.

Aim of the competition: To provide a good racing opportunity and to promote the city of Csongrad Date of race: 16-17 September 2017 Venue of race: Hungary, Csongrad „Villan-tó” (Holt-Tisza) (GPS: 46°41'35.3"N 20°09'52.9"E; 46.693128, 20.164706), the last 900m on gravel road. Race categories: Endurance 3,5 - 7,5 - 15 - 27 and Team Classification: Individual and team competition. A team consists of 3 competitors (1 person for 3,5 class, 1

person for 7,5 class and 1 person for 15 or 27 class of the same club)

It might be too far for some of the committee in the east of Europe, but the rest of the committee will be there. As for those who can't make it, we hope you all have a fantastic time,

The iMBRA Committee

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