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iMBRA World Championship Update- 18.05.2015

Fellow Racers,


At the 2014 World Championships in Dessau, the racers decided that the future of our hobby had to be put first. Since then the committee have been hard at work to help make this a reality.

To make the 2016 Championships the first of their kind and a flagship for our new approach, we are now looking to get the support of you all for this event and all future championships.

It is our plan to move away from having judges on the pontoon all day, to having a team of experienced racers who only have to make a small commitment of their time each day, helping where they can. To make this happen the committee are drafting a judging exam for all interested parties to complete, ensuring fairness and consistency.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Judge or Side Judge, please send an email to us using the

Kind Regards,

The iMBRA Committee


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