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iMBRA WC Update- 17.08.2016

Fellow Racers,

The iMBRA committee just wanted to thank everyone that supported the amazing World Championships in the Netherlands.

From our fantastic sponsors who donated prizes or materials, to the truly special people that either judged, cooked, cleaned, organised, lap-counted, and rescued (the list is too long to name them all), and all the racers that attended, you have all helped to create the best World Championships ever.

Over the coming days and weeks, the committee will be working hard with the DMF to collate all the financial information from the event, that will be published on the website to ensure that all future World Championship organisers understand what is required to make an even more special event.

However in the meantime keep an eye on the website for links to some of the great photo's that have been taken, as well as other updates.

Thank you all once again.

The iMBRA Committee


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