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iMBRA Update- 14.09.2014

Fellow racers We are currently working on an application form to enable federations to join iMBRA. To do thi s we have started to look at some of the conditions of membership, but wanted to highlight that:

Annual membership will have an initial fee of 50 euros. Only one federation/organisation can join per country.

The second point means that any federation wishing to join iMBRA and remain affiliated to Naviga or UIM are more than welcome. If a countries existing federation does not want to join iMBRA there is no reason why any group of boaters, from any country, cannot form an addition federation to run along side the existing one. This additional federation can then join iMBRA. Boaters from countries that may have more than one federation will then have the option to compete at IMBRA and/or Naviga/UIM events. If you have any questions about membership please contact the committee either via our website or through Facebook.

Kind regards

The iMBRA committee.

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