iMBRA Rule Update- 16.07.2015

Fellow Racers,


Following a number of discussions between committee members and fellow racers we have made the following amendments to the Endurance rules.

8) Amendment to Rule 4

8) New rule No 5

8.2) New rule No 6

8.3) Amendment to Rule 7

8.4) Amendment to Rule 5 & 7

8.5) Amendment to Rule 7

8.6) Amendment to Rule 1 & 3

8.7) Amendment to Rule 2

We have now put together a judges exam for the Endurance class. We already have a number of people who have put their names forward to become a judge. Our intention is to have one set of judges per class. For example, if you race in the 3.5cc class you could be a judge in one of the other classes; 7.5cc, 15cc, 27cc or 35cc. We plan to have one chief judge and two side judges for each race. We tried this system at the iMBRA League race in Salxures and it worked really well. By judging for just one class it helps to maintain consistency between the heats and enables the judges to have a break and spend time working on their boats or socialising with friends and family.

If you are interested in becoming a judge or have any questions please send an email to

Thank you for your continued support.

The iMBRA Committee


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