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iMBRA Membership Update- 04.01.2016

Fellow Racers,


As some of you will be aware the following information that was put in our Facebook page, the invoices for 2016 membership have been sent out. We are keeping with our philosophy of “an organisation run by racers, for racers”, and is keeping the membership fee of 50 EUR for the year.

All of this money is put directly back into the hobby by paying for the massively successful iMBRA League and supporting the 2016 iMBRA World Championships.

If there are any countries that were waiting to see where the 2016 World Championships were going to be, or found out about iMBRA midway through 2015, now is the time to get in contact as we are always looking for more member. Please complete the MEMBERSHIP request form to get the process started that is on the MEMBERSHIP page, or get in contact using the email address if you have any questions.

The deadline for new membership is 28th February 2016. At this point we will have to have received the completed membership form, and will not accept any returned after this date.

Please note that if there is more than one federation/organisation that represents our hobby in your country membership is normally offered on a first come first served basis. However if we have received membership forms requests, and the completed membership form that is subsequently sent out, the committee will make a decision about who we feel is the best party to represent iMBRA.

Here’s to an even bigger and better 2016!

The iMBRA Committee


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