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iMBRA League Update- 14.09.2015

Fellow Racers,


After a great race at the British International in Northampton we have only one league event left to go - Kuty on the 2nd October.

The league results have been updated but just to give you a brief update the results for the Western League following Northampton are:

3.5 cc - 1st Mathias Hof (Germany) 44 points, 2nd Sebastien Videmont (France) 42 points, 3rd Leon Morgan (UK) 31 points.

7.5 cc - 1st Mauro Braghieri (Italy) 60 points, 2nd Markus Schwab (Germany) 45 points, 3rd Ludo Smeets (Belgium) 26 points.

15 cc - 1st Erich Costa (France) 47 points, 2nd Christian Hof (Germany) 42 points, 3rd Mathias Hof (Germany) 34 points.

27 cc - 1st Christian Hof (Germany) 50 points, 2nd Erich Costa (France) 47 points, 3rd Dieter Smeets (Belgium) 45 points.

35 cc - 1st Mathias Hof (Germany) 41 points, 2nd Joachim Hof (Germany) 32 points, 3rd Valter Seljak (Italy) 17 points.

Following a discussion by the committee it has been decided that if the winner of the league does not want their wild card, for any reason, it will automatically be offered to the person in 2nd place and then 3rd place. The wild card will only be offered to the first 3 places within the league. Following the final race in Kuty we will be in touch with the winners of the league to see if they want the wild card. Once we have final confirmation an announcement will be made.

Good luck to everybody attending the race in Kuty

Kind Regards,

The iMBRA Committee


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