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iMBRA Committee Roles and Proposals- 13.06.2016

Fellow Racers,


Over the past 2 years the iMBRA committee have been working hard to build an organisation with strong foundations that is focused on listening to our members needs and building a secure future for our sport.

The current committee and the work they have carried out so far are as follows (but not exhaustive):

President: Ian Folkson (UK)

Provides advice and guidance throughout.

Liaised with various countries promoting iMBRA .

In talks with the host country for the 2020 World Championship.

Vice President: Erich Costa (France)

Put forward the idea of the iMBRA league.

Offered advice regarding the rules and the new judging system.

Assists with organising judges.

Arranged the lap counting for the 2016 World Championship (Hydro & Offshore week) and secured the venue for the 2018 World Championship.

Treasurer and Secretary: Lauren Morrison (UK)

Set up and incorporated iMBRA as a limited company.

Maintains and filed the annual accounts.

Maintains iMBRA membership.

Wrote the rules and judges exams.

Organises and marks the judge’s exams.

Updates the iMBRA league results.

Sourced and organised the World Championship medals.

Collated the World Championship entries.

Organising judges for the World Championship.

Deals with general enquiries and administration.

Recording data from the 2016 World Championship to assist with future events.

H Representative: Martin Fields (UK)

Built and maintains the iMBRA website and Facebook page.

Organising sponsorship for the 2016 World Championship.

Offered advice regarding the rules and the new judging system.

Researched and organised a GoPro camera with the aim of supporting judging, and recording and streaming live racing.

Deals with general enquiries.

Junior Representative Ross Waumsley (UK)

Set up a Facebook group for junior racers to encourage participation and feedback.

Non European Representative: Landon Chin (Hong Kong)

V Representative: Robert Mecdorf (Poland)

O Representative: Anton Chernenko (Russia)

The Future

We feel that the current structure is out dated and is no longer fit for purpose. We need to have a committee that fully supports each other, is able to adapt quickly, that are ambassadors who promote iMBRA as the premier organisation within our sport, and who listen to all its members. They must have a clear understanding of what iMBRA is, where it is going, and will have no conflictsof interest with other federations or organisations that act within our sport. With this in mind we are proposing the following changes, and the new structure will be as follows.


The figurehead of our sport who must be an experienced and respected boater with a minimum of 10 years experience.Their role is:

To offer advice and guidance

Official spokesperson

Deciding vote if the committee is split on a decision

Over-see elections

Vice President

To stand in when the President is unavailable

To promote iMBRA and help to develop new ideas that will improve our sport

To offer advice and guidance

Treasurer & Secretary

Issuing membership invoices

Recording and paying expenses

Filing the annual accounts

Producing a profit and loss account for public viewing

Budgeting for running costs

Paying taxes

Collating and supplying financial information for World Championship events

Point of contact for general enquiries

Maintain admin and paperwork

Collate member proposals

Update rules

Maintain and organise the judges examinations

Organise medals and certificates for World Championships

Support host countries as required; collating entries, organise volunteers


Developing and maintaining the website; uploading new information and photos

Maintaining and promoting social media

General roles (3 x committee member roles)

Update the iMBRA league results

Promote iMBRA

Discuss and implement members ideas

Source locations for future Word Championships

Source sponsorship for World Championships

Support host countries as required; assisting to organise volunteers

Advise on issues affecting our sport

Offer support and advice to iMBRA league events

Junior Representative

Be a point of contact for junior racers

Liase with junior racers to find out what their needs are and how iMBRA can cater for them

If anybody is interested in a position on the iMBRA committee please send an email registering your interest to Friday 15th July 2016. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the current committee.

New Proposals

If anybody has any proposals that they would like to put forward for the open meeting to be held at the World Championship in Haarlem please email the proposal to by Friday 15th July 2016. All proposals will be published on the iMBRA website prior to the World Championship.

The iMBRA Committee


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