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iMBRA Committee Election and Proposals- 17.07.2016

Dear Racers,

The Committee Election and Open Meeting will be taking place at the World Championship in Haarlem on Sunday 7th August 2016 at 19:00; in the large event tent down by the race lake.

Prior to the meeting we wanted to publish who will be standing for the committee and the proposals we have received. We appreciate that not everybody may be able to attend the event and therefore wanted to give you all an opportunity to discuss the committee posts and proposals in advance.

The following people will be standing for the roles listed below:

President – Ian Folkson (UK) Vice President – Erich Costa (France) Treasurer & Secretary – Lauren Morrison (UK) Webmaster – Martin Fields (UK) Committee Member (3 posts available) - Robert Mecdorf (Poland) - Andras Berta (Hungary) - Uros Skoflek (Slovenia) - Julius Hof (Germany) - Jan Wegeberg Smidt (Norway) Junior Representative - Giuliano Ott (Germany)

As you can see a vote will be required to determine who you would like to fulfil the 3 Committee Member Posts.

We have received a number of proposals which will be voted on during the meeting. The proposals are as follows:

Proposal 1 – submitted by Phill Fields (UK) I think the current rule of allowing 3 boat lengths before going into the same lane rule is insufficient distance in hydro's and offshores. Even at 3 meters the boat behind will be blown over and at high hydro speeds there is nothing the boat behind can do to prevent it from happening.

I'm proposing a minimum of 5 meters before moving into the same lane.

Proposal 2 – submitted by Phill Fields (UK)

I think something needs adding in to the hydro rule book about if a race is stopped.

Currently there isn't anything in the rulebook that states if the race is restarted how many laps the restart race will be. At the moment it's unclear if the restarted race would be 6 laps or just the number of laps each boat had to complete from the stopped race.

I propose it needs to say - If a race has been stopped and restarted, the boats that were running at the time the race was stopped will complete the normal preparation time, milling time, and full race duration of 6 laps (4minutes).

Proposal 3 – submitted by Evert De Ronde Jr (Netherlands) My suggestion would be no more rescue boat in Endurance after 10 minutes in qualifying and no more rescue after 20 minutes in finals.

It only causes a difficult situation and after this time you do not have a chance left. When there is a dangerous situation with dead boats the judge can always decide to put the rescue out but only when strictly necessary.

Proposal 4 – Two very similar proposals were submitted so we have put them together as one. Submitted by Evert De Ronde Jr (Netherlands) and Samo Golavsek (Slovenia) I would suggest to accept all juniors in all classes. No limit on World Championships so we can have them all racing. Example: when there are 10 juniors in Germany and 2 in Portugal we should let them all race. The more races for juniors the better for the sport. Limitation should be implemented again if the number of competitors is too high.

Proposal 5 – submitted by Uros Golavsek (Slovenia) 8. Endurance Class General Rules subject 3) Erase B-finals from the rule book. If we have to finish iMBRA league race at 12-PM on Sundays we have no time to make B-final. We have never had B-final at Eastern races and I take every year at least 5 biggest races in the East. People want to go back and travel in the afternoon as normally they work on Mondays. I think we need to discuss about B finals as normally it makes the race longer and if we think only about WC we can think more about two semi-final races, or not to have B finals at all.

Proposal 6 – submitted by Uros Skoflek (Slovenia) Endurance – There should be a World Championship for juniors every year. In the year when there is no World Championship for seniors there should be an open European Championship.

Proposal 7 – submitted by Samo Golavsek (Slovenia) Every junior who was a world champion should be granted automatic participation in that senior category, in the class he was junior world champion. This should act as encouragement for them to stay in this sport.

Proposal 8 – submitted by Samo Golavsek (Slovenia) Form a new category - super junior, for children under 12 years in category Endurance 3.5cc

Proposal 9 – submitted by Samo Golavsek (Slovenia) We should consider if category Endurance 15cc is reasonable for juniors. Races are more chaotic every year because of lack of competitors who are able to control increasingly faster models.

Proposal 10 – submitted by Samo Golavsek (Slovenia) Endurance - Proposal is that the first three drivers on the ranking list after 1-st heats goes directly into the final and first three drivers on ranking list after 2-nd heats enter also directly into final. Others take place on laps/time taken from their better heat. If one driver got direct final entry he doesn’t count in the second heats if he got position between first three.

INTERPRETATION: If we have good weather on the first heats and bad conditions on the second heats we can predict that no one can make better result during the 2nd heats and it make no sense to drive it. If we make this rule then all drivers have interest to drive also second heats, because they can get a final entry no matter that conditions were bad.

Proposal 11 – submitted by Samo Golavsek (Slovenia) Endurance - driving in another direction should automatically mean lap deduction, even when other drivers aren't obstructed. Construction of models should be based on stability. There is a tendency to achieve high speeds regardless of stability of models. This measure would automatically mean there is no correcting if a buoy is missed. This rule was implemented in Stuttgart.

Proposal 12 – submitted by Samo Golavsek (Slovenia) We should ban glow plug remote heaters, remote movers of the resonance pipes in all classes, driving 15cc boats without gearbox. Because of these upgrades the engines life span is shorter and more expensive to maintain. This would also reduce speed and improve safety.

Proposal 13 – submitted by Samo Golavsek (Slovenia) We should completely prohibit the usage of nitromethane at least for category Endurance 7.5cc and 15cc. This measure should reduce costs by far.

Proposal 14 – submitted by Lauren Morrison (UK) Bring the 35cc Endurance class to an end. It is clear that the numbers within this class have been reducing for many years and that a lot of races no longer support this class. I think we should run the class at the 2018 World Championship and then disband the class at the end of the 2018 season. This will allow current racers to get another 2 years use from their engines/models prior to the class ending.

Proposal 15 – submitted by Jan Capek (Czech Republic) Beginner/entry low cost 3.5 class (let's call it 3.5 endurance fun): Looking at the number of newcomers (close to 0), this hobby seems to have all but bright future. There must be something to attract newcomers to the hobby. Currently, it is very difficult for a newcomer to start racing at a competitive level without investing large amounts of time and money into the hobby. I believe the time and frustration of not getting fun from racing due to overcoming technical issues is the most repelling factor. The entry racing class concept is nothing new and has been successfully proven by a 3.5cc entry class that is being raced in Poland and something similar in Germany (2.1 cc).

The idea is to open a low cost fun class with restricted/cheap setup: - 0% nitromethane - no gearbox - plastic propellers - only 3 servos allowed with exact function assignment: rudder, throttle, needle/mixture - any trim tabs remotely uncontrolled - fixed engine brand (e.g. cheap Aquastar 3.5cc - heavily tested in CZ 3.5 junior class). - no modifications to the engine allowed - first 4 racers in the final will have their engines inspected. The fixed specification of the engine that the engines will be checked against will be posted for each engine. - tuned pipe is questionable -> it may raise the cost of the class and reduce engine life - only 1-2 types of hulls - 1 manufacturer

The above list seems to be very restrictive, anybody willing to experiment would have the option to enter any of the unlimited classes. We have even thought of calling it a "wife/girlfriend/beginner" fun class. To prevent any arguments among couples, each mechanic would draw his/her racer for the heat ;-) There would be 2x15min heats + 1x25min final. The setup and building instructions for the boat would be made public with people sharing their experience through social networks etc.

Proposal 16 – submitted by Maxime Chadeffaud (France) For Endurance classes the bottom of boats must be sprayed in a way that allows others drivers to see it when turned upside down.

Proposal 17 – submitted by Janez Melansek (Slovenia) on behalf of the Slovenian National Association We think that iMBRA should not accept proposals for rule changes made by each individual driver. This can bring problems for next committee meeting as one man can give you 100 proposals and you need to discuss about it even when we all know this stupid thing can happened from one of the country. We suggest proposals should be given from national associations and can be discussed over Facebook or over other social media but in the end if someone see one proposal of one individual as interesting he can include it into his national association as official proposal. (we can see now some individuals made proposal even when we all know this will only take time in the committee meeting)

Proposal 18 – submitted by Janez Melansek (Slovenia) on behalf of the Slovenian National Association The chief judge of E/O/H class should not be driving the class of his judging. If this raise the costs of the event, we can rise the entry fee for 10€ for boat. We think judging and driving the same class is the opposite of interest.

Proposal 19 – submitted by Janez Melansek (Slovenia) on behalf of the Slovenian National Association Each driver needs to use on his heat official wear that will bring more visibility from which country drivers are from (it is enough only country name in the back of a T-shirt.

End of Proposals

As stated previously the meeting will be an open meeting and everybody is welcome to attend. When it comes to voting each country will get one vote. We advise you to discuss the proposals prior to the meeting and elect a member of your team who will cast your countries vote.

We look forward to seeing you all soon

Kind regards

The iMBRA Committee


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