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Email to the iMBRA Committee- 22.08.2016

Fellow Racers,

We just wanted to share this great email with you all that we have recieved from one of our newest members, as I think that it true shows what iMBRA are about.

"With my compliments, and on behalf of CMR-Club Multiracing-Portugal, come thank all your fantastic sympathy in relation with the Portuguese team throughout the WC event Imbra 2016 in which we feel like a family, and it was a dream come reality have participated in such a big event, only possible due to Imbra birth.

Many congratulations for the fantastic and wonderful organization together with DMF in WC 2016, which could not have been better.

We will be present in France in WC 2018, and once again enjoy your fantastic company and support.

Keep always continue with this your excellent work in Imbra as a true team that promote our sport

Thank you so much again.

Best regards

Jorge Azinheira


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