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2016 iMBRA League Winners- 13.10.2016

Fellow Racers,

We are pleased to announce that we have the final results for the 2016 iMBRA League competitions (please go to the 2016 page for the PDF of all the results). Massive congratulations goes to all the winners, and as you can see some of the classes were extremely close with the top 3 separated by 3 points.

2016 Eastern League Winners

3.5 - Andras Berta (Hungary) - 55 points

7.5 - Andras Berta (Hungary) - 44 point

15 - Maciej Duchiski (Poland) - 35 points **Edited**

27 - Adrian Tworuszka (Poland) - 40 points

35 - Marek Walczak (Poland) - 24 points

2016 Western League Winners

3.5 - Marcus Schwab (Germany) - 55 points

7.5 - Winfried Ott (Germany) - 55 points

15 - Ludo Smeets (Belgium) - 45 points

27 - Eric Costa (France) - 47 points

35 - Joachim Hof- 30 points

And now for the important information. As you will remember in 2015 we gave the winners of each class and league a wildcard to the 2016 World Championships. For the winners of the this year’s league we are also offering direct entry into the 2018 World Championships in Egletons, France.

If the winners decide that they do not wish to take up this place, the wildcard place will then be given as an extra place in the 2018 World Championships to the Country that the winner is from. 2018 is a long way away, however can all the winners please let us know if you intend to take up this place when you return your photos and details below.

We are in the process of getting more certificates for the winners, but in the meantime can all the winners please send an email to with;

• a photo of you with your boat and trophies won during the league

• the make and name of your boat

• the engine you used

• the radio system you used

• your address so that we can send you the certificate

• confirmation that you want to take up the 2018 World Championship wildcard

We look forward to seeing you all soon,

The iMBRA Committee

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