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H&O League Event- Aurdal Roostertail Challenge


It has come to the attention of the organisers of this event that they missed of details about the use of nitro. Following the terror attack on government buildings some years back the Norwegian Federation are now forced to limit nitro content to 30 % (weight), equal to 23-25 % (volume). Transporting anything beyond that without the proper formal certificates is considered a crime. Therefore the NMSBF is limiting fuel to 25% nitro.

Fellow Racers,

By heading to the iMBRA League page for 2018, you will be able to details of the first O and H league event taking place in Norway, as well details on classes and how to get booked in.using the link below to the online system:

Make sure you get you name on the list soon, as it's bound to be a great event.

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