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Rule Updates 2018

One of the main aims of the iMBRA committee is to listen to our members ideas and to utilise the committee’s own experiences, gained throughout the racing season, to continue improving iMBRA year on year.

To this end the iMBRA committee have taken on board all feedback received and made some amendments to the iMBRA rules. The amendments are highlighted in yellow throughout the rule books, that have now been uploaded.


The Hydro rules have not been altered from the 2017 version and therefore remain the same.

The Endurance Rules Sections 8.5 – 8.7 have been restructured to try and simplify them. Driving Rules and Penalties now come together under one section, rather than the previous two sections.

Don’t forget if you would like to become an iMBRA judge please contact us via

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The iMBRA Committee

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