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2019 European Championship Announcement

2019 European Championships

The iMBRA committee are pleased to announce that Poland will be hosting the 2019 iMBRA European Championship. The 2019 EC will keep the open registration format that was used in Hungary (so no restrictions on the number of racers per country) and include all 3 classes, Hydro, Offshore and Endurance. Further information on the venue and dates will be provided soon.

We have 2 main reasons to organise a combined (all 3 classes) EC in 2019:

1- The Polish organisers specifically asked for this.

2- The international racing scene in the Offshore and Hydro classes needs further improvement (including more big international races). We are confident that by 2021, also thanks to the iMBRA H&O League the scene will be ready for a split H&O European Championship.

Looking to the future the iMBRA committee propose to split the European Championships and hope to hold a Hydro & Offshore EC in 2021 followed by an Endurance EC in 2023 and so on.

The idea behind the split EC concept is solid: the iMBRA committee feel that the short format championship (with open registration) trialed in Hungary this year was a great success. This concept also means more and more new venues and new organisers can be included in the pool of hosting big international races. The committee's vision is a gradual (step by step) system:

- the first step is organising successful iMBRA League races (for a certain class),

- the second step is organising European Championships (for a certain class) and

- the third step is of organising World Championships (for all 3 classes).

Besides this, we are aware that a large 2 week event every year puts a lot of strain on competitors work and family commitments. The committee therefore hope that by running a World Championship every 2 years (even years) and a class specific EC in between (odd years) we will be able to cater for every racers requirements to the best of our ability.

The iMBRA committee would like to invite any countries who may be interested in hosting the 2022 World Championship or the 2021 Hydro & Offshore European Championship to express their interest via email to

Any questions are welcomed.

Kind regards

The iMBRA committee

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