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By martinfields, Oct 21 2016 04:09PM

Fellow Racers,

Here are some great dates for your diaries:

iMBRA European Endurance Championships

Oroshaza, Hungary

24th to 27th August 2017

iMBRA European Hydro and Offshore Championships

Location- TBC

Date- 2017

iMBRA World Championships

Egletons, France

30th July to 11th August 2018

iMBRA World Championhships

Gonzaga, Italy

27th July to 8th August 2020

The iMBRA Committee

By martinfields, Oct 16 2016 12:59PM

Fellow racers,

It was bought to my attention that I had wrongly stated that Christian Kucera (Austria) has won the 15cc Eastern league.

Unfortunately, he does not belong to a federation associated with iMBRA, although hopefully he will soon, which means our proud winner of the 15cc Eastern league is Maciej Duchiski (Poland) with 35 points.

Congratulations to Maciej,

The iMBRA Committee

By martinfields, Oct 13 2016 08:42AM

Fellow Racers,

We are pleased to announce that we have the final results for the 2016 iMBRA League competitions (please go to the 2016 page for the PDF of all the results). Massive congratulations goes to all the winners, and as you can see some of the classes were extremely close with the top 3 separated by 3 points.

2016 Eastern League Winners

3.5 - Andras Berta (Hungary) - 55 points

7.5 - Andras Berta (Hungary) - 44 point

15 - Maciej Duchiski (Poland) - 35 points **Edited**

27 - Adrian Tworuszka (Poland) - 40 points

35 - Marek Walczak (Poland) - 24 points

2016 Western League Winners

3.5 - Marcus Schwab (Germany) - 55 points

7.5 - Winfried Ott (Germany) - 55 points

15 - Ludo Smeets (Belgium) - 45 points

27 - Eric Costa (France) - 47 points

35 - Joachim Hof- 30 points

And now for the important information. As you will remember in 2015 we gave the winners of each class and league a wildcard to the 2016 World Championships. For the winners of the this year’s league we are also offering direct entry into the 2018 World Championships in Egletons, France.

If the winners decide that they do not wish to take up this place, the wildcard place will then be given as an extra place in the 2018 World Championships to the Country that the winner is from. 2018 is a long way away, however can all the winners please let us know if you intend to take up this place when you return your photos and details below.

We are in the process of getting more certificates for the winners, but in the meantime can all the winners please send an email to with;

• a photo of you with your boat and trophies won during the league

• the make and name of your boat

• the engine you used

• the radio system you used

• your address so that we can send you the certificate

• confirmation that you want to take up the 2018 World Championship wildcard

We look forward to seeing you all soon,

The iMBRA Committee

By martinfields, Sep 26 2016 07:02PM

Fellow Racers,

During the iMBRA 2016 World Championships we were in the fantastic position to be able to announce the location and time of the 2018 World Championships. The French organising committee were able to provide a few more details on the location and facilities during the meeting on the 7th August.

The following information and pictures have been taken from the presentation at the meeting, and can be found on the new 2018 World Championship page.

I'm sure you can all agree it looks fantastic!!!

The iMBRA Committee

By martinfields, Sep 20 2016 03:02PM

Fellow Racers,

After listening to you all at the recent world championships, we have been busy talking to National federations and race organisers to see how we can develop our sport further.

To do this we invite you all to complete the following survey, regarding some events that we would like to hold in addition to the 2018 and 2020 world championships.

It will only take 5 minutes of your time, but will help us to understand if our ideas will work. The only thing we ask is that you complete the survey by Sunday 2nd October 2016. Click on the link to access the survey

iMBRA Event Planning- 2017 to 2019 Survey

Thank you for your time,

The iMBRA Committee

By martinfields, Sep 17 2016 11:39AM


Here a simple overview of where the money comes and goes at the WC 2016.

Incomes from entrees, banquet and camping: € 31401.00

Payed necessary needed for the WC:

BBQ banquet: € 2900

Tents at pontoon plus extra's : €2319

Market stalls : €500,-

Showers and toilets : €2550,-

Big event tent: €2000,-

Electricity Cables and eco toilets : €1175,-

Security: € 1950,-

Power supply: €2100,-

Rental area 2 lakes and camping: €6710,50

First Aid: €1496,25

Balance: € 7700,25

Payed extra's:

Podium( banner ) ,chairs and tables, air castle, cleaning crew toilets, dinner with crew DMF, new bar, engines rescue boat, laptop, stickers registration and flowers. Costs:

€ 2000

Payed lap counting system including extra cables: €2000,-

Our idea of the ins and outs of money:

We could afford us 2 new high quality tents, new lap counting system, engines for rescue boat, air castle, laptops and many more small stuff needed for our club.

And still we got: €3700,25 left on our bank account, which will be used for our hobby and organizing new great events.

We can also say we have an expensive area, as you all know we had to take care of our own electricity and water supply, also there is no facility like a restaurant. We had to make it all by ourselves. We made a good profit from

the catering that helped us saving the money we got left now. We had lots of sponsoring as well, like the materials to build the podium and the pontoon. Also all the diesel for the electricity was sponsored. We could make some great deals for the power supply and the event tent.

We can say it is easily doable to organize a World Championship for IMBRA. Like we said before we have lots of new items for our club left and money left. And we did this with the first WC for IMBRA, it means in the future more competitors will attend and more money will be made for the organizers.

The medals are paid for by IMBRA.

If you need any more information please let us know.

Regards and thanks for this great WC!

DMF crew

By martinfields, Aug 22 2016 03:12PM

Fellow Racers,

We just wanted to share this great email with you all that we have recieved from one of our newest members, as I think that it true shows what iMBRA are about.

"With my compliments, and on behalf of CMR-Club Multiracing-Portugal, come thank all your fantastic sympathy in relation with the Portuguese team throughout the WC event Imbra 2016 in which we feel like a family, and it was a dream come reality have participated in such a big event, only possible due to Imbra birth.

Many congratulations for the fantastic and wonderful organization together with DMF in WC 2016, which could not have been better.

We will be present in France in WC 2018, and once again enjoy your fantastic company and support.

Keep always continue with this your excellent work in Imbra as a true team that promote our sport

Thank you so much again.

Best regards

Jorge Azinheira


By martinfields, Aug 22 2016 01:40PM

Fellow Racers,

iMBRA is happy that so many countries are interested in hosting a World Championship, which shows the strength of the new concept that the iMBRA committee believe in. Where all of the entry money is there for the organisers to use to ensure everything is place to host an event, and the committee is there to provide as much help as possible to help with organisation and people. For 2020 we had 2 candidates to host the world championships, and we chose Italy. Here's a short explanation of why the committee made this decision.

The committee wanted to ensure that they secured a future for iMBRA and that our members would have a World Championship to go to following the 2016 World Championship in the Netherlands. The committee felt it was extremely important that the new iMBRA committee would have a future World Championship already in place.

In 2015 iMBRA received an email from Poland stating that they were interested in hosting the 2016 World Championship. When the committee received the email it had already been arranged that the 2016 World Championship would be in the Netherlands. The committee replied to Poland and explained that 2016 would be in the Netherlands and asked them if they would be interested in hosting the 2018 World Championship. After this email was sent we did not receive a reply, and at no point did anybody from Poland or the Polish iMBRA committee member say anything about Poland wishing to host the 2018 World Championship.

Erich Costa (iMBRA Vice President) announced that the French Federation would look at hosting a World Championship in 2018. The iMBRA committee was kept informed at all times and in August 2015 a statement was put on the iMBRA website stating that the 2018 World Championship would be held in France. The statement also said that the committee were actively seeking host countries for future World Championships and if anybody was interested please could they contact the committee directly.

In 2015 Navimodel the Italian Boat Racing Federation approached the committee and said that they were interested in hosting the 2020 World Championship. Ian Folkson (iMBRA President) asked them if they could wait and would consider hosting the 2022 World Championship because the committee would prefer to go further East for 2020. Navimodel agreed to wait however before the 2016 World Championship they contacted the committee and said that the lake owner from Italy wanted to fly to the World Championship in the Netherlands to see the infrastructure required. The Italian Federation needed an answer as to whether they could host the 2020 World Championship because they needed to start building a new landing stage and putting the infrastructure in place.

At this point no other country had put their name forward or made contact with the committee to say that they were interested in hosting a World Championship. The committee did not want to risk losing a venue for the 2020 World Championship and therefore gave Italy the go ahead for 2020.

Three days before the 2016 World Championship the committee received an email from the Polish Federation - FSR Polska saying that they would like to host the 2018 World Championship. Unfortunately, having received no reply to the committee’s initial email and the fact that nobody from Poland or the Polish iMBRA committee member said anything about Poland wishing to host a World Championship the committee had already committed themselves to France in 2018 and Italy in 2020.

The committee openly admit that they should have published more information on the iMBRA website but the committee were all working so hard on preparing for the 2016 World Championship that this was over looked. At the time the committee only had one country step forward for 2018 and one country step forward for 2020 and were very happy that iMBRA had a secure future.

The committee had a meeting with the Polish Federation during the World Championship in the Netherlands and discussed the possibility of Poland hosting the World Championship in 2022. Obviously it is a long way ahead and therefore Poland are unable to commit at this time. The committee agreed to keep in contact with FSR Polska and should another country come forward in the meantime the committee will contact FSR Polska first before making any decisions.

The committee would like to reiterate that they are focused on supporting Poland in the future as well as our other iMBRA members in the East, and it is the committee’s main focus is to have a World Championship in eastern Europe in 2022. If anybody is interested or has any questions, please contact the committee directly, where we will do our best to support all of our members to the best of our ability.

The new iMBRA committee will also be looking at creating a structured procedure for deciding on future World Championship venues and this will be published in due course.

The committee hope that this statement will help to explain how and why the decisions have been made so far.

Please keep an eye on the website for further information regarding the 2018 and 2020 World Championships.

Kind regards

The iMBRA Committee


As an international, worldwide and non-profit making association the IMBRA is dedicated to supporting the development and quality of model boat racing, in all forms. It shall be run by racers, for racers and therefore the objective of the IMBRA is: “To promote internationally, the highest standards in racing and co-operation to achieve common goals."