2018 iMBRA World Model Boat China Open

February 4, 2018


Due to the timing of the event and the iMBRA World Championships in France, the Chinese organisers are changing the date of their China Open until September. They realised with the World Champs, June wasn't an ideal time so the date is now - September 21st-23rd 2018


The AERO RADIO MODEL SPORTS ASSOCIATION OF NINGXIA (Chinese member in iMBRA), are organising an International Race for Endurance and Offshore classes in September, and they want you to attend.

The event is taking place Yinchuan, Ningxia, between September 21st-23rd 2018. There will be over 500 competitors in multiple disciplines, including fast electrics and sailing.


Click here for the Invitation Document


They will be running;

Offshore 3.5cc. 7.5cc, 15cc. and 27cc

Endurance 3.5cc, 7.5cc, 15cc. and 27cc

To help with the costs they have event put together a great package to help people interested get there. 

The subsidies for European competitors are as follows: free accommodation (more than 4 stars hotel), free shuttle bus, free one day tour to Western China Film Studio City, the first 25 registered foreign
participants will be subsidized 200 Euros as equipment shipment fee.


If you are interested in attending or for further information, please email

Abby: abbyzlj1122@gmail.com


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