iMBRA League West Winners

There seems to be a definite theme at the moment with our league races at the moment. Fantastic venues- tick. Beautiful weather- tick. Brilliant racing- tick. Great friends- tick. We have updated the 2017 League tables with the full results, but we already have confirmed winners in the 7.5cc and 15cc classes. Congratulations to Mauro Braghieri and Eric Costa on their respective league wins.

3.5cc Endurance

1st Place- Zack Humphries (Great Britain)

2nd Place- Roman Weigel (France)

3rd Place- Peter Pulvermuller (Germany)

7.5cc Endurance

1st Place- Mauro Braghieri (Italy) WEST LEAGUE WINNER

2nd Place- Ludo Smeets (Belgium)

3rd Place- Valter Saljak (Italy)

15cc Endurance

1st Place- Eric Costa (France) WEST LEAGUE WINNER

2nd Place- Evert De Ronde Jr (Netherlands)

3rd Place- Tiziano Orsatti (Switzerland)

27cc Endurance

1st Place- Eric Costa (France)

2nd Place- Cedric Grandvoinnet (France)

3rd Place- Dave Marles (Great Britain)

The next round is from Duchcov, and we are already looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on.

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